A downloadable stealth hacking game for Windows

The Peacenet is a stealth hacking game developed in Unreal Engine 4.  It takes place in a digital afterlife called Peacenet that has been struck by global cyber warfare.  Your goal is to work for the United States government as a skilled deep-cover agent to enter Peacenet as a sentient AI to hack, exploit, gather and loot your way through the game's world without being detected.  Your mission is to figure out what caused the war, and to try to fix it.


Peacenet is played within a custom Linux distribution called Peacegate OS, with the Peacegate Desktop, a fork of the XFCE4 desktop environment.  The game is controlled entirely with a mouse and keyboard, and is played through both a desktop-like graphical user interface and a command-line shell.


All the wonderful people who have helped out with the game.

  • Devs: Michael VanOverbeek (acidicmushroom/Alkaline Thunder), zeta, NetwideRogue, MightyEagle073
  • Artwork/UI: astro, Inkydink, AShifter, Philip Adams
  • Community admins/moderators: TheEdgeNK, Victor Tran, AShifter, william341, Soulcatcher
  • Music: Avery Alexander, Anders Enger Jensen, Peter Katz
  • Gameplay: phath0m, zeta, InfoSec_Pom
  • Special thanks to:

    • Matt Trobbiani - Hacknet dev, a lot of 1-on-1 help/advice with hacking game development, UI, etc, genuinely cool guy.

Contact and Contribute

You can help contribute to the development of The Peacenet on GitHub: https://github.com/bitphoenixsoftware/the-peacenet 

You can get in touch with the devs by shooting an email to team@bitphoenixsoftware.com.

Join the community

Consider joining the Peacenet community by joining the Bit Phoenix Software forum at https://forum.bitphoenixsoftware.com/!


  • Realistic exploit/payload system loosely based on the Metasploit Framework, making the hacking gameplay realistic without you needing to be fluent in cyber security.
  • Stealth mechanic: Avoiding certain bad practices while hacking will allow you to stay stealthy.  Not being stealthy can result in you being traced, counter-hacked, or criminally charged.  Being stealthy will result in higher payouts in missions and higher skill increases.
  • Reputation mechanic: Your actions, as well as the actions of others, affect your/their reputation values in the world - which determine some of the things you are able to do and how people in the world interact with you.
  • Feels just like Linux: The user interface of The Peacenet is meant to simulate a Linux distribution.  Likely, if you can do it in Linux, you can do it in the in-game OS.
  • Cryptocurrency: You are able to be paid in a cryptocurrency for successful hacking missions.  This cryptocurrency can also be mined, and can be used to upgrade your system among paying for other useful services in the game's world.
  • Procedurally-generated worlds: Your Agent Identity is used as a world seed which then determines how the entire game's world generates.  Similar to Minecraft, this means that no two playthroughs will be the same.

Development status

 The Peacenet is currently in development, in an alpha stage.  This means that a lot of planned features are missing from the game and bugs/issues are to be expected.

Missing features/Known bugs

Below is a list of all known bugs and missing features in the game.

  • Some computers/systems should spawn with firewalls that block public access to certain services. (feature)
  • Ability to mine cryptocurrency using player's own system (feature)
  • Ability to mine cryptocurrency for player's wallet using a hacked system (feature)
  • Ability to create additional cryptocurrency wallets (feature)
  • Ability to transfer cryptocurrency from hacked computer to player's wallet (feature)
  • Ability to move around the Peacenet Map on desktop by dragging the mouse (feature)
  • Left-clicking a Peacenet Map node should reveal more information about the node (feature)
  • Missions should display a "Mission Completed" screen that summarizes the player's accomplishments and progress. (feature)
  • Missions should be abandonable by the player (feature)
  • Missions should display a "mission failed" screen when a mission task fails (feature)
  • Emails in Icedog should show email attachments, if any (feature)
  • Emails in Icedog should allow the player to reply (feature)
  • Emails in Icedog should display email replies (feature)
  • GUI scale doesn't work (bug)
  • Missing settings for audio/music volume (feature)
  • Missing settings for in-game keyboard shortcuts (feature)
  • Allow player to buy system upgrades using cryptocurrency (feature)
  • Allow player to see cryptocurrency wallet balance (feature)
  • Peacenet Browser should show a homepage (feature)
  • Right-clicking a Peacenet Map node should toggle the node as "Important" to the player (feature)
  • Manual GUI should display a welcome page instead of a blank manual page (feature)
  • Manual GUI shouldn't display manual entries for non-unlocked gameplay elements (bug)
  • Copying text from Terminal doesn't copy text from the selected area properly (bug)

Install instructions

The Peacegate Operating System runs within a specialized virtual machine on your computer.  This virtual machine can be downloaded either through the itch.io app or directly from the page.  Simply select the version of the VM for your host operating system, with the version of Peacegate that suits your needs, and the download will begin.

If downloading manually from this page, extract the files to a folder on your system and run the executable file (or shell script on Linux hosts) and the virtual machine will start.


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