Dec. 16th, 2017 Nightly Build

So the new nightly's here :D

A bit later than usual, mostly because of some issues I was running into programming the File Browser program. But, still, I managed to pull through...slightly.

So, here are some new features.

New features

  1. FSManager API now available in the engine. This will allow you to easily access the user's in-game filesystem in your mods. Currently it only supports directory listings in the public API but I am in the process of working on file I/O and server-side FS for multiplayer.
  2. New Peacegate program: File Browser. Although extremely work-in-progress, this program will allow you to view and manage the files on your system. It features a sidebar of common places you can visit, a Search box for looking for a specific file/folder by name, and a back/forward button for navigating folders. However, the Search bar and a lot of other features are currently not-yet-implemented.
  3. New System Settings UI. Much like the previous build where I realized a "Quit to Desktop" button would be EXTREMELY helpful, I realized that a settings GUI would be extremely helpful. No more weird testing UI in the settings screen! It looks super cool and, best of all, actually works now! Try it out if you'd like!
  4. New UI elements added: List view, List view item, Progress Bar, Check box, Checked Label, and Slider Bar have been added to the Peace user interface framework.
  5. New window style: DialogNoDrag. This window style allows your program windows to take on the appearance of a dialog box but also prevent the player from dragging your window around the screen.

These new features will come in handy for sure.

Lovely, lovely fixes and enhancements

We can't release a nightly build without at least fixing some bugs, right? Well, there aren't only bugfixes I've made.

  1. Infoboxes are now perfectly centered on-screen and can no longer be dragged.
  2. Fixed bug where changing game resolution at runtime doesn't change the viewport size, keeping it at the previous resolution.
  3. Fixed layout issue with buttons that only display pictures having an extra 20 pixels worth of padding on the right edge.
  4. Fixed NotImplementedException with drawing check boxes.
  5. Optimized Labels so they don't resize themselves unless their style properties are changed.
  6. Decreased font size of all heading font styles in the Peacenet default theme so they take up a lot less space but still stand out.

Known issues

Now for some issues that you may want to look out for in this build.

  1. Clicking on a category in App Launcher, then clicking "Shutdown" closes the main app launcher menu but not the category's menu.
  2. Slider Bars don't properly register mouse leave events. A slider bar will keep tracking the mouse position until you let go of the left mouse button WHILE the cursor is positioned INSIDE the slider bar's bounds.
  3. Having more than one or two windows causes a huge dip in the framerate, almost to an unplayable degree.
  4. Disabling UI transparency effects in settings causes the Peacegate bootup sequence to look extremely odd and break the main menu when the OS is shut down.
  5. Possible memory leak detected by RogueAI. We'll be taking a look at it.
  6. Filesystems in Singleplayer are limited to 512MB due to the PlexFAT specification's hard 512mb disk image size limit.

Quite a few bugs in this one, hopefully we can rectify them in the next few builds. But, hopefully you guys enjoy the new features even if they're not totally finished.

Tomorrow's build will be mostly focused on optimizations.

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Version 3 Dec 17, 2017

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