May 2018 Week 3 Release - No more blended multiplayer!

FINALLY! A release of The Peacenet that doesn't horribly fail because of blended multiplayer! How? We removed it, that's how. After a complete redo of the game's backend, removing of unfinished features (they'll be coming back better and stronger leading up to Alpha, don't worry!) and redoing some other unfinished features, and even making Peace Engine itself more reliable, we're extremely happy to give you guys the first ever weekly release without a frankly sh!tty singleplayer experience. So what's changed? A lot. Here's a rundown.

  1. Removed World Map. It'll be coming back in the next build, hopefully.
  2. Removed Government Alert UI and debug command. The UI will be coming back soon, but not the debug command.
  3. Dev console is now NOT included in weekly releases. You'll need to compile the game if you want that.
  4. Multiplayer is gone. For now. We wanted to make sure every last trace of blended multiplayer was gone, which involved removing the game's ability to even DO multiplayer. With the new protocol coming soon, we'd need to do this anyway, so why not get started now?
  5. Redid the email user interface. Check this link ( to see just what we did. (Oh yeah, we have a community site now. You should sign up if you wanna take part in more in-depth development discussion beyond what's posted here :P)
  6. Panel clock is now at the center of its panel because we think that makes better use of all that whitespace.
  7. Added a "Mission failed" screen. It still needs work, but it's mostly functional.
    1. You can now restart a mission from beginning if you fail...because literally every other game ever lets you do that.
    2. Retrying the last objective will also be a thing, I just haven't coded that yet.
  8. Added a "Mission Complete" screen so you KNOW you've completed a mission.
  9. Completing objectives and missions now awards you "Medals" based on how well you complete the objective/mission. These medals in turn grant you XP (well not actually, not coded yet) which will allow you to increase your skill level which will give you access to more programs in the soon-to-be-coming Peacegate Package Manager which will aid you more in completing future tasks. I wonder if those PPM maintainers will host a utility that stops me from doing these super-long rambling run-ons?
  10. Getting an email will pop up a Desktop Notification because every real operating system with built-in mail apps do that. Why shouldn't Peacegate OS do that?
  11. Made the mouse system in the UI less janky. Dragging a window too fast will no longer break the window dragging routine. There are still a lot of kinks to work out though.
  12. No more ugly WinForms Peace Engine splash screen. Peace Engine's mod loading stuff is way better now. It'll let MonoGame start as soon as the Peace Engine's core is ready, then loading of Peacenet and any mods will be done on a separate thread. Once that thread completes, Peacenet will take over and you'll be in the main menu
  13. Email status indicator is no longer a button. Well, it's still something you can click, but, it doesn't LOOK the same as something like an OK button. It looks much better now.
  14. Removed a bunch of missions. The assets for them are all still there, just not the code.

After writing this I forgot to fix a storyline/continuity issue reported by Tobias SN with the tutorial. I'll be fixing that in the next release, I just want to get all the singleplayer backend stuff redone first.

In conclusion..

We now have a community site over at As such I have disabled the built-in forum system for Peacenet. If you want to get more involved with the community, go ahead and sign up over there. You'll be able to get more involved with the game's development, see screenshots and videos of features as they're being developed, see important community announcements, and more. Go ahead and join, and have fun! :)

Also, we are in the process of moving the main Watercolor website over to a new server - which made the community site possible. I want to give a very huge thank-you to Discord and community user Lukeq who provided a more reliable server for the WG website and community and soon for the game's multiplayer component. Thanks to him, the website should crash far less often.

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