Packet Injection Minigame Prototype 1

Hey guys! No, this is NOT tonight's Weekly Release. This is a prototype build of a minigame I'm working on for Peacenet. It's called "Packet Injection". Basically, when you hack an NPC or player in Peacenet and try to get an SSH reverse shell opened, this is what you'll end up playing.

In Packet Injection, you are a network packet travelling through a data tunnel between your Peacegate OS system and the target's. You're carring a payload, in the form of a tiny snippet of code that will open a reverse shell on your victim - if you can arrive with your payload.

While travelling through the data tunnel, various types of other packets will be travelling with you.

  • Security Packets - these guys home in on you like a missile and try to damage you. Get hit by too many, and you fail the minigame.
  • Burst Packets - These packets can be collected to gain Burst - which allows you to gain a MASSIVE increase in speed for a short amount of time, making Security Packets unable to latch on to you as easily.
  • Anti-virus Packets  - these packets home in on you and slow you down quite a bit if you get hit by them. They work together with Security Packets and you want to avoid them as much as possible.
  • Health Packets - these travel down the pipe in sine waves. If you can collect one, your strength will be fully restored.

In this current build there is no "end" of the data tunnel. There is simply you, Security Packets (red) and Health Packets (green). See how long you can survive! Use your mouse to move your packet up and down.

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Version 1 May 26, 2018

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