Current state of Peacenet development (cont'd)

Almost half a year ago (wow, has it really been that long since July?) I posted about the current state of Peacenet's development....Then I sort of went silent on here for a few months. All I've been doing is messing with the theme, updating the game's page, etc.

Well, I came to say, and as many of you who are on Discord know, I'm still working on the game. A lot has changed though, with how we are developing the game, what we want to accomplish with it, who we are as a team, etc. So this is going to be a post about that.

Getting this out of the way right now...

I wasn't joking when I said I wanted to rename Watercolor Games on my personal website. That is the plan, and I'm sticking to it. We may have a little bit of an awkward moment where the website is still "" since I can't afford a new domain name, but we are in fact renaming to "Bit Phoenix Software."

My reasoning behind it is it's far more representative of our team, our history, etc. We were once the developers of ShiftOS, and when that project died, so did its dev team. However, we then rose up from the ashes of ShiftOS to develop Peacenet. I need to wait for a few things to be done in the background before the rename is finished, but, it's coming.

Team changes

For quite a long time I've been developing Peacenet solo. Granted, in the early days, I had a few people helping me out - NetwideRogue, for example, helped get text rendering working well in the first versions of Peace Engine. astro, AShifter and TheEdgeNK made a few wallpapers (that are still in the game), and Anders Jensen provided music and some UI sounds (and, also, Peter Katz provided some music).

For the Unreal rewrite, however, I've been doing it mostly on my own. But we have been building a team for it over the past few months, currently consisting of me, Inkydink, AShifter, and Warren Harris. While TheEdgeNK was in fact co-leading for a bit, he stepped down permanently.

I'm not sure if I want to grow Bit Phoenix more or keep it just the four of us, it really depends on how big the game gets.


When I started complaining about money and howw unfeasible it was to develop a game on a budget of $0, while there was some truth and logic to that, most of what I said was out of pure stress with MonoGame development, school stuff, and personal stuff. Really, I just needed some time to think and recollect, as well as to rewrite my game in a language and engine that was easy to use and stable. The day I started the Unreal port was the day I vowed to focus on game development and leave the heavy lifting to the lovely guys and girls at Epic Games who know what the hell they're doing.

In doing so, I've made it personally far less stressful to work on the game (even if sometimes it still is). I also decided to not give a damn about release schedules or anything. The game will basically get released when I feel like it, when I feel like it's stable and fun enough (and we're getting close to alpha, so, *shrugs*)

So, I feel like I can at least finish up Peacenet's single player mode on my $0 budget, though I've basically decided multiplayer isn't coming. It's just not feasible.

Hopefully that clarifies my thoughts in those areas.

Huge changes to UI

I hate talking about UI changes because, from the ShiftOS days, that's all we talked about. New UI this, new UI that. Never any gameplay. But I'm extremely excited to talk about the recent ones.

I completely redid the game's look, feel and behaviour, creating a UI loosely based on Hacknet with my own features added to it to support our gameplay style. The UI puts gameplay and hollywood hacker feelings first while remaining just as intuitive as the old UI, if not more. The reception of it in my screenshots and videos has been great so far so I'm really excited to keep coding and working on it.


I'm starting to want to pass out at my keyboard so...I'll make this quick. Developing the game is really fun for me now, way more than it's ever been. I'll definitely be posting more updates, especially of the new UI and the rename of Watercolor.

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