Peacenet v0.0.3-i: Processes Test Build

Hey guys! Third release night in a row! Hopefully I can keep this up but I won't make any promises.  This build fixes a few bugs and issues with the previous release and adds the user interface for Peacegate Processes, a new gameplay mechanic similar to one that's in Hacknet which will limit the amount of programs you can run at once.  You'll be able to upgrade the amount of RAM you have allocated to your Peacegate virtual machine, allowing you to run more programs at once.

This build only implements the user interface for the mechanic and doesn't yet actually limit you.  The game doesn't yet understand the concept of RAM.

New features

  • Process list: All running processes, their PIDs and their RAM usage are displayed on the right side of the desktop in a scrollable panel.
  • Killing processes: You can now kill processes using the kill <pid> command.
  • Signaling: In code, programs and commands are signaled when you kill them.
  • User interface: Font sizes have been increased in most of the UI, and fonts themselves replaced.
  • Terminal: Terminal now displays text in Ubuntu Mono which is a little bit more readable.
  • Desktop: Show Desktop button now functions properly.  Desktop panel's appearance has been changed slightly, too.

You can pick up this build in the Itch app by checking for updates, and you can pick up the code for it at Enjoy! :)

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Version 3 Apr 14, 2019

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